The Pandemic really brought people into their own yards!

I really wanted to comment on the past three months, challanging and trial times .. were they really ? What did you go through , Did you come out of it stronger ? I feel stronger ,, I am fortunate to live in East Sooke though I realize people in cities and suburban areas were facing more challanges foresure . And sadly many lost their lives, but one thing I really noticed was it brought many of us into our own garden, to ground ourselves and connect once again!

Wheather we got less calls or not , I am delighted to hear people bought their own lawnmowers , their own shovel and went for it . I didn't mind either if they asked me questions I am totally hear to guide all of you . I own Elite Garden Maintenance which provides a great life for my family, but it is not all about money and profit , If I can help you and guide you I will .

I am so proud of each and everyone of you that we are making it through this together one day at a time . And stay in your own garden , get to know it , it will be your friend ...Bye for now all !

Tina Acosta Delgado

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