Happy Holidays !

I am writing from my heart, my sole and feet in the garden. This year has been challanging in many ways, and of course I became stronger and holding head higher. We celebrating our 6th year in Duncan office and 16 years in Sooke BC. I still remember my first commercial contract in Sunriver Estates. I had been working for my fathers company Futchers Gardening Service for years and finally was ready to go on my own. I took all I had with me, my 2 year old son and my business card and confidence and got hired ! From there the business expanded and grew! Things have definately changed in the town of Sooke, it grew welcoming more work for all of us with small companies and became more crowded of course !

This year I lost my father, which was heartbreaking, I am keeping strong and pushing harder to succeed because that is what he would want.

Thirdly, we got hit with this Carona Virus which stole and pushed a lot of people backwards. Our small company seems fine but we could really use local support to stay strong as well as other small companies around too!

I want to thank each and every of you who supported us , hired us and passed our name around. We really are greatful for you ! I wish you a safe and happy holiday!

We have xmas gift cards for 2021 if you wish to purchase one for a gift for someone special ! We really can't wait to see you in the 2021!

Tina Acosta Delgado

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