Christmas Cheer Rodo!

Nice bright colour on a gloomy day. Well not for us last week! The sun was shining and my father and I were walking around the water gardens at the Royal Jubilee hospital and there she was fully blooming in the corner of the garden. We saw bulbs arrising and heard water running down beautiful water feature and then my Dad spotted the Christmas Cheer. IT is really sad for me to see my father battling cancer, currently on his 14 radiation treatment, but not surprisingly enough what keeps him going ... " talking about gardening and plants". When it is in your soal it stays. My father is a horticulturaist by trade, which for Vancouver Island is very rare. He studied at BCIT and completed his 4 year apprentiship at the Government House and working for several well known properties. HE is the " real thing". I still remember the first time I started a lawnmower I was 5 years old. ANd my Dad said " he always wanted boys but she will do !". So i worked and worked with him until finally opening my own company , Elite Garden Maintenance. He then retired and began to help us out too. Many of you reading this blog will already know my father and i hope you see him again on the job sites, probably not working digging holes but maybe designing. I am still on his side of design styles , we are the old fashioned gardeners! Anyhow lets keep our prayers going for my Father and enjoy your sunny Sunday ! Tina

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