Arbutus tree ( Pacific Madrone Evergreen Tree)

The Arbutus tree has always been part of my life especially growing up here on Vancouver Island. I really remember them more in areas such as Oak Bay , Cordova Bay they were more promonant 20 years ago than they are now. People don't realize they have a huge importance other than their beautiful and unique bark, Their honey sweet scented flowers supports the native pollunator populations.

I know each municipality has strict by laws and protects the Arbutus trees but we still need to honor them and take care of them. As well as teach our children the significance of these elder trees.

The Arbutus tree , also known as the Pacific Madrone is an evergreen tree, origionally from Mexico.

The Arbutus tree is predicted to be extinct in 15 years reports suggest.

I am delighted to see that Landscape Architects are adding them to most designs in current construction.

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