Don't forget to edge !

I go nuts when I see a garden that is not properly edged .........( sigh) and I have often thought of having free classes at our Duncan office for homeowners / Strata members .. Its so important to edge properly for a few reasons :

1) Obviously the appearance , a nice crisp edge goes a long way !

2) So you can cut and weed eat properly..

3) Keeps the grass from growing in the garden !

Keep reading ... I have more information ..!

This is an image of our edger , but make sure you buy one at your waste height you don't want to be bent over .. !

The tool itself .. - edger

I manually edge weither it is a house or a commercial property. I like to do it myself with this tool above .. as long as it's to your waist height . You do not want to be bent over , it will strain your lower back. Make sure to go in the ground the whole diameter of the tool and flick the ground / dirt in the garden.. After I go back around and break up the chunks and cultivate into the ground . I do not put the pieces and put in a bucket, way more work that needs to be happening .

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