Schools almost back time to sort out the closets.. ( and the garden !)

I Love this time of year, I sort closets, drawers, dressers the basement and then out to my garden to get busy. The summer flys by travelling and busy with the everyday fast paced life and then unwinds when the kids go back to school. Gardens almost get neglected in the summer, the gardens are dry, malnourished and seeking TLC.

Looks in the forecast we have some rain here and there, so this will help with softening the ground a bit making it easy to get in with a cultivator or your hands moving the ground, weeding and fluffing. It is nice to cut all perennials down that need it , finish your pruning rounds if you have missed some of your shrubs and then onward with adding nutrients : This can be done in a few ways ..

* adding bags of sea soil or compost in areas that could use a bit of top up.

* Layering Kelp in gardens ( Yes kelp ! From the ocean and it is FREE!)

* Fertilizing section by section with your summer fertilizer making sure to water right after or time it with the rain coming !


I always fiddle for a few hours per day. This keeps it less overwhelming and possible with your busy schedule !

And I then access the garden checking what areas could use new plants to fill empty spaces, this can be your wish list for the fall shopping at the nursery!

This year I have been adding primroses to a lot of clients gardens . IT is the english style but I love it because it borders the gardens and they last year to year .

If you need help with chasing plants please don't hesitate to call me 7786782524 or email me at!

Happy Sorting !



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