So much in flower ! What should we choose ?

We have the same problem what do we plant in our garden ..? There are hundreds of choices ... Ahhhhhhh!

Many of you must almost panic when you arrive to a nursery but don\t worry I will help , I think being a bit more educated about plants and organized will help and also help the wallet .. !

Remember you should measure your garden empty spaces and realize that you must leave an accurate space between plants for their growth .. also check out in the day how much sun and shade that area gets so you can research each plant before heading to the nursery ..

Whats in bloom right now ????

....AcaciaAmelanchier (Juneberry)Anemone blanda (Grecian windflower)ArabisAubrietaAucuba japonica (Spotted laurel)AzaraBellis (English daisy)Bergenia (Elephant’s ears)Brunnera macrophylla (Siberian bugloss)Caltha CamelliaCercisChaenomeles (Flowering quince)Chionodoxa (Glory of the snow)CorydalisCorylopsis Daphne collinaErica (Heather)Erythronium (Trout lily)Fritillaria imperialis (Crown imperial)Fritillaria michailovskyKerria japonicaHelleborus (Christmas rose)Hyacinthus (Hyacinth)Heptacia nobilisIberis (Candytuft)Iris reticulaLysichiton (Skunk cabbage)MagnoliaMuscariMyosotis (Forget-me -not)Nandina domestica (Heavenly bamboo)Narcissus (Daffodil)Ornithogalum (Star–of–Bethlehem)Pieris (Lily-of-the-valley shrub)Polyanthus (Primula)Pulmonaria (Lungwort)Pulsatilla vulgaris (Pasque flower)Primula marginataPrunus (Flowering plum)RhododendronRosmarinus (Rosemary)Ribes (Flowering currant)Scilla (Squill)TrilliumTulipa (Tulip)ViburnumViolaVinca

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