Try a different homeade wreath this year ! Magnolia ??

Magnolia Wreath

Wow I always try to get outside to collect materials for a front door wreath .. but never thought of my magnolia right in our front garden ! I guess times are changing and we are getting super out of the box with our creative side .. Another good one would be camillia !

We are super lucky as we visit many properties which gives us access to " Holly " or again driving all over through forested areas we can pick up salile easy .. Have you ever heard of box wood wreath ? Try it just like this :

Materials Needed: ( For box wood wreath ) will work for any wreath ... 10" grapevine wreath form8-10 preserved boxwood branchesflorist wirewire cuttersribbon for hanging and any desired embellishments

Cut SprigsUse wire cutters to clip sprigs approximately 2-4 inches long from preserved boxwood branches (Image 1). A full 12- to 14-inch wreath (Image 2) will require approximately 8-10 branches. Tip: Trim branches one at a time to avoid trimming pieces that might not be needed.

Make Sprig Bunches

Cut an 8-inch length of florist wire using a wire cutter. Gather 4-5 cut sprigs into a bunch and wrap the bottom three times with the florist wire. Twist the wire ends together three times to secure. Do not trim the excess wire because it will be used to secure bunches to the wreath. Repeat with all trimmed sprig pieces.

Tie Bunches to Wreath Form

Secure bunches to wreath form with excess wire (Image 1). Pieces can either be wrapped around entire form or woven through the grapevine branches. Tie one bunch on the inside, one in the center and one on the outside (Image 2). Repeat with the next row, allowing bunches to overlap by a couple of inches (Image 3). Repeat this process until the entire front side of the wreath is covered. Tip: The final bunches can be wedged into the grapevine sticks instead of secured with wire.Fill Out and Trim WreathSurvey entire wreath and fill any holes or even out the shape with individual sprigs or bunches, if necessary (Image 1). Trim the wreath with wire cutters to desired shape or leave wreath bushy for a more casual, natural look. Hang with a ribbon or make a small loop with wire on the wreath's back side. Tip: Keep out of direct sunlight and spray with water every couple of weeks to keep the wreath fresh and green for several years

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