Please add lavender to your property !

lavender !

This year is booming , everything caught up on all of you quickly , weeds germinated , grass grew and everyone panics .. what do I do ? I have actually started another approach to our company this year . I am consulting so if you a home owner wants a plan , advice or simply how do I do it myself , I am charging a flat rate and I will come by and set you up . So please enquire if you are interested .!

Onto my favourite lavender ! ( which i might add when it is done flowering cut it and dry it and sew yourself a nice pillow !)

facts about lavender ... here I go ............

Lavender may have been introduced to Britain by the Romans, and was used medicinally in the Middle Ages.

By the 16th century, lavender was being used all over England to help scent laundry and toilets. It was also thought to ward off bedbugs, and was routinely sewn into sheets.

During the Black Plague, which hit London in the 16th century, lavender oil and alcohol were taken as a way to ward off the disease. Bunches of lavender were sold in the streets in an attempt to ease the smell of the dead and dying.

Lavender essential oil was used in hospitals during WWI.

Bees love lavender, and it’s a good source of honey.

Lavender has been used as a headache remedy for centuries. Try a few drops of the essential oil on a sugar cube.

Lavender essential oil is said to have calming, sedative effects.

When taken internally, lavender has been known to help treat indigestion and gas.

To add natural fragrance to your carpet, drop dried lavender buds down before using the vacuum.

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