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December 31, 2019

I want to personally wish you all a Happy New Year ! I feel like this is almost more sentimental than any Christmas Wish because this  special day has significance with our personal life, our drive , our goals and our mission ! 

This special day should be every day all throughout the year , but I say " reach out up higher than you have ever reached , and don't stop ! 

Thanks to all of you for hiring us and for letting us get to know you personally, I fee...

I go nuts when I see a garden that is not properly edged .........( sigh) and I have often thought of having free classes at our Duncan office for homeowners / Strata members .. Its so important to edge properly for a few reasons :

1) Obviously the appearance , a nice crisp edge goes a long way !

2) So you can cut and weed eat properly.. 

3) Keeps the grass from growing in the garden !

Keep reading ... I have more information ..!

The tool itself .. - edger 

I man...

I Love this time of year, I sort closets, drawers, dressers the basement and then out to my garden to get busy. The summer flys by travelling and busy with the everyday fast paced life and then unwinds when the kids go back to school. Gardens almost get neglected in the summer, the gardens are dry, malnourished and seeking TLC.

Looks in the forecast we have some rain here and there, so this will help with softening the ground a bit making it easy to get in w...

Many of you must almost panic when you arrive to a nursery but don\t worry I will help , I think being a bit more educated about plants and organized will help and also help the wallet .. ! 

Remember you should measure your garden empty spaces and realize that you must leave an accurate space between plants for their growth .. also check out in the day how much sun and shade that area gets so you can research each plant before heading to the nursery .....

""The 2 best times to aerate your lawn are the spring and the fall. I have a personal opinion that the fall aeration works better than the spring." The reason why you aerate in the Spring and in the Fall, is because this is when the ground is the softest. Also it is a great time of year for fertilizing and over seeding your lawn which work best with aeration. Unlike the previous comment, I think Aerating works best in the Spring. This is because clay soils...

January 28, 2019

Hi and Happy New Year again to you all ! We have been bombarded with calls regarding restoring lawns, and simply putting in new lawns. When I see the space we are talking about it is always a square back yard with a fence around perimeter. And each yard always has a water problem ! So in the end if we install a new lawn, the client will be left with a mess in the house , water puddles, weeds and moss. So why not change it up a bit .. and forget the lawn or...

December 26, 2018

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! I am fortunate to have worked with you all and thank you for this special gift ! May 2019 bring happiness to all . From Tina , Jorge , Logan , Diamante and Centella Acosta Delgado 

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